The Left Has Made Racism the Practical Choice

The Left Has Made Racism the Practical Choice, by David Cole.

Leftists have a charming habit of embarking on crusades that end up accomplishing the exact opposite of what was supposedly intended. Anti-poverty programs that not only increase poverty, but institutionalize it. School desegregation programs that end up creating more segregation, as whites flee public schools in droves. Affirmative-action programs ostensibly enacted to make colleges and universities more “diverse,” yet which, in practice, result in Asians being denied entry. …

These days, thanks to the lynch-mob-obsessed lefties in the news media and on social media, anytime white people (yes, including Jews) try to enforce neighborhood rules that a black person is (or may be) violating, the white complainants are paraded around as national pariahs — ridiculed in the press, prevented from earning a living, robbed of privacy, and targeted with death threats. Quite literally, the left has seen to it that any cell-phone video of a neighborhood dispute with a black person will go viral, as long as the “aggressor” is white.

Which leads to an uncomfortable question: Why would any white person want a black neighbor? Why would you want to live next door to someone who essentially has immunity from the rules? Why would you want a neighbor who cannot be criticized or asked to abide by the codes of conduct everyone’s supposed to follow? …

One of the things we appreciate in my neighborhood is that the security patrol actively snoops. The officers do nothing all day and night but drive around searching for anything amiss. Strangers wandering the streets, backyard gates left open, etc. In a neighborhood in which the only crimes are robberies committed by people from other communities who drive through looking for stuff to steal, we’re happy that the security patrol is proactive.

How long do you think this beloved norm would continue should a few black families move in? The first instance of a black resident being asked by the security patrol for proof they live here would result in protests, marches, media coverage, denunciations from our (100% Democrat) local elected officials, and probably a lawsuit from Sacramento that would result in a consent decree that would cripple the patrol’s ability to actually patrol. Hell, the patrol would probably be dissolved, all because D’Jaunté got followed by the same security vehicles that routinely shadow me as I drunk-walk home from a bar.

Leftists have made it both practical and rational to prefer nonblack neighbors. And that’s a terrible thing. A tragedy. …

So congrats, leftists. You’re doing David Duke’s work for him. Whites have never been terribly keen on having black neighbors, but now you’ve made that choice seem practical rather than racist.

Blacks here are mainly just the mascots in a power struggle between whites.