Rationalising Muslim Domestic Violence

Rationalising Muslim Domestic Violence, by Augusto Zimmerman.

Forget that Muslim men must be held accountable for domestic violence against their female partners. According to the director of the Centre for Muslim States and Societies (UWA), Islamic women endure greater rates of assault at the hands of their husbands because … yes, you guessed it … ‘”Islamophobia”. Apparently, a perceived sense of “negativity” towards the Islamic religion drives them to such fits of impotent rage that many simply can’t resist lashing out at the easiest targets. …

In sum, she assumes that domestic violence is a result of the lack of a sense of self-worth and empowerment by the Muslim men in society. It is therefore our fault that such Muslim man physically and emotionally abuses their wives …

Maybe Professor Yasmeen should talk a whole lot more about Muslim men controlling their own violent and misogynistic urges but that would involve contradicting her “holy” book. At some point, she will have to recognise that belief in a totalitarian religion that purports to encompass a complete way of life (and system of government), makes the adherents of such a religion have much more difficulty deflecting full responsibility for their wrongdoings and misbehaviours, and not only against Muslim women but also against our community at large….

This is simply not acceptable!

hat-tip Stephen Neil