A nation needs virtuous elites

A nation needs virtuous elites, by Lion of the Blogosphere in the US.

We have the opposite, elites who are trying to destroy our nation with open borders, out-of-control SJWism, pandering to prole tastes and prole moral degeneracy, etc.

We cannot fix our problems with a prole autocracy. Somehow we must reform our elites, so that institutions like Harvard and the New York times become pro-American instead of anti-American. If this doesn’t happen, then we are doomed.

The moral vanity troops of the left get off on being superior to the common citizen. So they adopt positions that are unpopular with the majority, and then use them to “prove” their self worth. Cheap self-esteem points — don’t have to achieve anything, or be rich, you just have to believe the right things. Listen to the PC  media, and feel good about yourself for adopting the trendy positions. If perchance most people come around to that view then it is no longer special — so move on. Gay marriage is a classic example.

This dynamic pretty much ensures our elite govern badly, against the wishes, wisdom, and well being of most people.

Commenter BTDT:

The Western world is, indeed, shifting rightward at a rapid pace. We are midway through the Fourth Turning as Neil Howe and William Strauss predicted by in their book by the same name. About every eighty ears there is a crisis inducing paradigm shift. Our first American turning was the American Revolutionary War, then the Civil War, then World War II, and now the Trumpening.

What everyone needs to remember is that the last 60 years was the most experimental time in human history. It was like a global adolescence where all manners of social engineering were tinkered with.

What people are waking up to now is that multiculturalism, integration, feminism and globohomo-ism does not work. It does not create happy people or thriving communities. Now the roof is caving in. It’s a joy to watch.

Nationalism and race realism was the undisputed norm throughout all of human history and it is returning with a vengeance. We are already starting to see local communities restore freedom of association to police their own communities and keep out immigrants and refugees. This will grow and a conservative Supreme Court will back them up. All you need is about 60% of white America to be on board and its a lock. By 2030 explicit pro white/anti immigrant feelings will be the norm again.

The left will throw temper tantrums and riots but I do not think that there will be a civil war, due to the fact that once the white population signs on for this their power, influence and firepower will be too great to challenge, just as it was in the past. Ambitious minorities, particularly Hispanics, will realize that it is better to be on the side of white America and they will simply fall into line and abide by the new rules. …

Our age is Victorianism in reverse. One hundred and fifty years ago the ruling elites preached morality but led decadent personal lives. Today, they endorse degeneracy of all sorts yet live incredibly mundane personal lives.