Trump versus the “Intelligence Community”: the Gloves Come off over Russia

Trump versus the “Intelligence Community”: the Gloves Come off over Russia. Here is Tucker Carlson, last night, on the fallout from the Helsinki meeting. Events have exposed a fairly raw tussle over who decides US (and thus the West’s) policy towards Russia and various other countries. Corruption, blunders, a cabal in charge of the national conversation and undermining western democracy while they scold us — here is a blistering and important commentary from the leading conservative commentator in the US at the moment. First seven minutes highly recommended.

This has been decades coming. Trump: who would have guessed?

The whole thing is pretty interesting — interviews with Trump himself, and then Stephen Cohen from 16:30 (also highly recommended: “never before have we seen this pornography passing as news analysis”). Trump the heretic is cleaning up a nasty mess left to the world by the US branch of the global elite.

hat-tip Charles