One way to defeat the “racism” slur

One way to defeat the “racism” slur. Here’s UK Channel 4’s Cathy Newman, the most arrogant interviewer on TV and the one made famous by her fiasco of an interview with Jordan Peterson, with a Polish MP:

His final answer to her charge of “racism”:

I don’t care. I care about my family and about my country.

The left have a misunderstanding of racism and what makes people tick: they now think that restricting immigration, or not allowing open borders, is “racist” and therefore morally wrong.

It’s as dumb as their economic mistake over communism fifty years ago, when they simply would not admit that incentives matter. For decades they refused to admit that the communist ideal of paying everyone the same regardless of their output or skill resulted in lower productivity and poverty.

The current left regard anyone who disagrees with them about the moral imperative of open borders as pure evil. When the left still cared about the working class, or were even (gasp!) part of it, they wanted to ban most immigration, especially competitors from poorer countries. How times change.