Nigel Farage Interviewed Steve Bannon And It Caused Quite A Ruckus

Nigel Farage Interviewed Steve Bannon And It Caused Quite A Ruckus, by Chris York at the very PC Huffington Post.

Steve Bannon, the far-right’s favourite former White House aide, has said Tommy Robinson is “the backbone” of the UK and that middle England must “fight to take your country back, every day”.

He added: “This is war.”

The doom-laden interview was conducted by Bannon’s close friend and political ally, Nigel Farage during his show on LBC on Sunday.

Bannon appears to have severely misjudged the mood of the nation as the recent protests against Donald Trump suggest most people in the UK don’t agree with the brand of politics Bannon was instrumental in installing in the White House.

In contrast to the hundreds of thousands present at anti-Trump demos, only around 2-3,000 took to the streets to protest the recent jailing of Tommy Robinson.

But Bannon said that he didn’t think Tommy Robinson was “a bad guy” and he thinks “he’s got to be released from prison”. …

In a similar vein, last week fellow-Trump pal Piers Morgan was heavily criticised for his interview with Bannon. Piers … sat down with Steve Bannon, and as you can see from this clip, allowed him to speak for a full 40 seconds about Brexit, Trump and “elitism”.

This was in stark contrast to an interview with journalist Ash Sarkar earlier in the week to talk about the anti-Trump demonstrations taking place during the POTUS’s first UK visit. In a clip posted on the official ‘GMB’ Twitter page, Piers waited just six seconds before interrupting his guest.

See how the left openly talk about how bad it is to “allow” their opponents air time, while interrupting (doesn’t that happen all the time to non-PC people?) is consciously used to shut down opposing viewpoints on air.

hat-tip Stephen Neil