Multiculturalism has failed: let’s cut immigration, refugee intake

Multiculturalism has failed: let’s cut immigration, refugee intake, by Sherry Sufi.

There have been two multicultural experiments in history. The first was empires. That failed. The second is mass immigration. That’s on the verge of failure. …

The age of empires was over. What replaced it was the nation state. Empires over two centuries broke down into independent countries with their own flags, anthems, emblems and jurisdictions. …

Mass immigration defeats the whole point of nation states replacing empires. Instead of transcending tribalistic tendencies, mass immigration provides the seedbed for inter-ethnic hostilities and re-­creates the conflict-prone environments of imperial times.

Nowhere are conflicted loyalties more pronounced than in the case of imams within Australia’s Muslim community who waste disproportionate amounts of time complaining about imaginary “white privilege”, “racism” and “Islamophobia”. In 2015, for example, the grand mufti of Australia said racism and Islamophobia were the “causative factors” behind terrorism in Australia. …

Australia has been, and still is, one of the most generous nations on earth to immigrants from all walks of life. But as the age-old adage goes: charity begins at home. Self-preservation comes first. The way forward is to scale back our annual intake of legal immigrants from 190,000 to half that.

The reduced intake should be from regions with compatible values and goals.

Our refugee intake should also be scaled back from 13,750 to half that, with a focus on those most in need. Resettling the victims of hate crimes from the rural carnage in South Africa should remain a priority, for example.

hat-tip Stephen Neil