Australia’s Immigration Rate is Unsustainable

Australia’s Immigration Rate is Unsustainable, by James Doogue.

This puts Australia’s net immigration rate at 1.77 times the UK immigration rate. If UK immigration is considered problematic by many, at double their rate, Australia’s net immigration must be disastrous.

US net immigration, which has been in the news a great deal recently, was 1,111,283 a year in the most recent data. This represents just 0.34% of the total population of 326.8 million. Again, about half Australia’s net migration rate. …

It is young, often well meaning people, who regularly promote greater acceptance of unlimited immigration. These same young people complain that the price of housing in our cities is out of their reach. They are also concerned that youth unemployment at nearly 12%, is double the rate of the general population. Young people also complain that entry level employment opportunities are limited for them. They are right on all counts, yet they do not realize the blame for both these troubling problems, which diminish social cohesion, can be laid at the feet of the high net immigration which they enthusiastically support.

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