Teenage girl brutally raped and abused by SEVENTY men – and most are still walking the streets of the UK

Teenage girl brutally raped and abused by SEVENTY men – and most are still walking the streets of the UK, by Jeanette Oldham.

A brave woman has revealed how she was brutally raped and abused by more than 70 men – but most are still walking the streets today.

Kate Elysia, who was 18 when she was first raped, says she believed she was an inhuman “sex thing” after being repeatedly attacked.

A victim of grooming gangs, she says she was trafficked “all over England” and given to many men — sometimes up to 10 in one night.

“They degraded me to the point where I’d become this sex thing, this thing that wasn’t human, but just an object,” she says in a harrowing new book, titled No Way Out.

“To the point where I believed that’s what I was.”

Eventually, the horrific sexual abuse seemed like “normal life” to Kate.

Because of political correctness, because her assailants were Muslim — immigrants brought into rub the right’s nose in diversity, as Tony Blair’s advisers put it.

Coming from a happy family background, Kate had moved away from home aged 18 and into sheltered accommodation in a Midlands town.

Unbeknown to her, the area she was living in was within walking distance from the home of Shayyir Ali and his psychotic cousin, Farooq. …

Kate tells in the book how she was first raped days before taking her exams after recently released criminal Farooq barged his way into her flat and ordered her male friend out.

“He says he wants to see me naked and I tell him that I don’t want him to,” she recalls.

“He’s strong, a lot stronger than me. He manages to pull my dress off and I’m standing there in my girl boxers and bra.

“He starts to take off his own clothes and I freeze, like a frightened rabbit. I know I should try and get past him, get to the door. Get out! But I don’t. It’s like I’m paralysed and I can’t move.

“He grabs me again and I pull away to back away but he pushes me towards the bed. I want to fight him but I can’t because I’m scared that he will hurt me if I do.”

After being raped, Kate says she was threatened by sadistic thug Farooq – to stop her going to the police.

Scared and in shock, she hid away in her flat over the coming days, leaving only briefly to take her A-Levels.

But she says her nightmare returned when Shayyir Ali and another man also forced their way into her flat, where they both sexually abused her. This time, Kate bravely went to police.

But she was put off from making a formal complaint of rape when officers warned her that they would have to go to her flat and arrest her accusers.

Worried about the consequences of a police investigation and a potential trial, Kate declined to make a formal rape allegation.

Instead, she claims that an officer suggested she could make an ‘intelligence’ statement about what had happened, to be used if the men were ever accused of sex attacks in the future.

She went ahead with the statement, a decision that she would later bitterly regret.

“Looking back, I guess it was the way they were with rape at the time,” she claims.

“The whole way they dealt with rape victims was really s***, from the top down. It was an organisational failing.”

Traumatised by the attacks, the alleged police inaction and trapped in her accommodation, Kate says she began being picked off by new abusers.

These attackers were linked to the cousins, who had passed her phone number and address on to other men.

Eventually, the cycle of abuse became the norm and she fell into a life of rape and drugs, supplied by the men who were attacking her.

She says she was driven to properties around the West Midlands to be abused by multiple men. Others would approach her in the street, asking her for sex. …

Despite police inquiries, most of Kate’s abusers remain free.

The left denied it was even happening for two decades, and still pretends that it has nothing to do with them or their policies.

A society that cannot protect its young women will soon die.