Victorian Liberal Party targeting African gangs, multiculturalism tsar says

Victorian Liberal Party targeting African gangs, multiculturalism tsar says, by Richard Ferguson.

Victoria’s multiculturalism tsar has accused the Liberal Party of targeting the state’s African communities in a state election flyer which shows shadowy figures in hoodies and declares only the Liberals can “stop gangs hunting in packs”.

The flyer was sent out to houses in the seat of Keysborough and includes promises from the opposition that they will increase police powers, introduce more mandatory sentencing, and break up youth gangs. It was endorsed by the Liberal Party and a picture of opposition leader Matthew Guy on the back.

Activists have accused the state opposition of dog-whistling in their latest campaign on law and order, as the state’s African youth crime crisis re-enters the political debate, in the run-up to November’s state election.

Victorian Multiculturalism Commission chairwoman Helen Kapalos told ABC radio in Melbourne that the flyer was using “identity politics” and was targeting one community; despite the fact the flyers do not mention Africans. …

When ABC host Jon Faine said the flyer did not mention Africans and that a Google image search showed the image on the flyers was taken in London, Ms Kapalos responded: “There doesn’t have to be (any specific reference) does it?”

You cannot oppose immigration or the left without being called a “racist.” So get over it.

hat-tip Stephen Neil