US Democrat Senator: Democrats Need To Abandon ‘Wild-Eyed’ Race to Left

US Democrat Senator: Democrats Need To Abandon ‘Wild-Eyed’ Race to Left, by David Catanese.

Sen. Chris Coons of Delaware called on the Democratic Party on Thursday to move beyond the politics of grievance and abandon its “relentless race to the left” that’s been triggered by Donald Trump’s presidency.

“If we as a Democratic Party are going to move from a minority at every level that is dedicated to resistance, to a majority that is capable of governing, we have got to move from grievance to optimism,” Coons said in a speech in Washington. “And we’ve got to abandon a politics of anxiety that is characterized by wild-eyed proposals and instead deliver ideas and practical solutions.” …

He listed abolishing Immigration and Customs Enforcement, promising free health care, guaranteeing jobs through government and attacking energy companies as hyper-liberal policy positions that are undermining the party’s chances at winning back the voters it lost in 2016.

The unexpected success of the presidential candidacy of Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, an avowed socialist, accelerated the party’s march to the left. Since then, a cadre of his colleagues, including Sens. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, Kamala Harris of California and Cory Booker of New Jersey have raced to match his progressive credentials.