Justin Trudeau: Him too?

Justin Trudeau: Him too? By Taki Theodoracopulos.

As the telegenic fist-puppet of the global elite, Justin Trudeau does everything his string-pullers tell him to do: He pretends that Muslims are human, that trannies are women, that white people need to be eliminated, and that women never lie about rape.

Earlier this year, Trudeau threw his support behind the castration-crazy witch hunt known as #MeToo, a vanity project in which women receive love, cash, interview requests, and the sweet taste of revenge by boasting that they were sexually assaulted by powerful men. He called it “a movement whose time has come”:

Sexual harassment is a systemic problem. It is unacceptable. When women speak up, it is our duty to listen to them and to believe them. …

He wears fake eyebrows. Ugh.

Way, way, WAY back in 2000, an unsigned editorial appeared in a small-town British Columbia newspaper called The Creston Valley Advance. It claimed that while attending a music festival, Trudeau — who was 28 at the time and not yet a politician — was guilty of “inappropriately handling” one of two female reporters assigned to cover his appearance at the event…

The story also says that the day after groping the reporter, Trudeau apologized, saying, “I never would have been so forward” if he’d known she had media access.

The story has recently resurfaced, with the added gut-punch of the unnamed reporter finally identifying herself. … When asked why he apologized to her if he hadn’t misbehaved, he said:

It was because I saw that she had been made uncomfortable and I did not want her to be uncomfortable regardless of whether I knew why she was uncomfortable or not.

That’s the most uncomfortable attempt at mansplaining we’ve ever heard.