US Supremes: Kavanaugh Time

US Supremes: Kavanaugh Time, by Steve Hayward.

Needless to say, the left is going to throw everything they have at Judge Brett Kavanaugh, but the incoherence and contradictions of the left during the first news cycle suggests it is going to be a rout, and that the left will only succeed in embarrassing themselves.

From the reaction of the left, you’d think that the Supreme Court gets up every morning and simply decides what laws it wants to change. It’s as though five justices can meet over breakfast and decide, “Hey — why don’t we strike down Roe v. Wade today? Sounds neat!” That’s not how it works, of course. The Supreme Court can only decide a question that is presented in a case brought to it. And that takes a while, even in the clearest controversies.

I suppose we can forgive the left for thinking the Supreme Court has this plenipotentiary power. After all, most leftists don’t understand the separation of powers, or if they do, they’re against it, and see the judiciary as a primary engine of “progress.” The left has been arguing since Woodrow Wilson for the Supreme Court to have more power to govern the country. As Wilson wrote in Congressional Government (1890), progress can be accomplished “only by wresting the Constitution to strange and as yet unimagined uses.” And who will do all this “wresting”?