Global Warming Theory Comes Home To Roost: Heat or Eat? How Families are Coping with High Energy Bills

Global Warming Theory Comes Home To Roost: Heat or Eat? How Families are Coping with High Energy Bills. By Julia Holman.

Our ruling class believes the theory that carbon dioxide emissions cause dangerous global warming, despite the abundant evidence that the climate models run hot . (We know why now. Book coming soon.) Their solution is a global effort to rein in carbon emission, by systematically increasing the price of energy. (They rejected the solution of switching to cheap nuclear power.) The large hikes in energy prices in Australia in the last decade were perfectly deliberate.

Hardship naturally follows (though, mysteriously enough, not for the people who made the decisions to hike energy prices):

When Danielle Melnyczenko found herself forking out upwards of $1,200 per quarter on her energy bill, she realised the only way to reduce it would be to move house.

Ms Melnyczenko, who lives in the Hawkesbury region of Sydney, spent more than six months searching for the perfect rental home which would help keep her energy bill relatively affordable. …

She has also progressively thrown out a lot of electronic goods in a bid to further reduce her usage. …

“You get your electricity and it’s like $800 and you’re thinking, ‘where is this going to come from?'” western Sydney resident Rachel Grimshaw said. … She has tried to cut all unnecessary energy usage, but still finds that the bills are out of reach.

“I’ve got my fridge, lights, washing machine,” she said. “That’s all I use. I’ve got clothes on the line right now and it’s raining.”

Her gas was almost disconnected twice, and eventually she was forced to turn to the charity Anglicare to help cover her $2,000 debt. …

Although energy price increases this year haven’t mirrored the 20 per cent hikes seen 12 months ago, they’re still one of the biggest bills many families face.