David Davis resigns and sparks a Tory Brexiteer rebellion that could bring down the British PM

David Davis resigns and sparks a Tory Brexiteer rebellion that could bring down the British PM, by Tim Stickings.

Brexit Secretary David Davis dramatically resigned late last night, sparking a Brexiteer rebellion over Theresa May’s plan to make a soft exit from the EU — leaving the Prime Minister fighting for her political life.

Mr Davis quit the government last night telling the PM that her policies could leave the UK in a ‘weak and inescapable’ negotiating position, two days after ministers had finally agreed a plan for Britain’s departure from the European Union. …

Steve Baker and Suella Braverman, junior ministers in the Brexit department, were also reported to have quit the government last night amid speculation that further Cabinet ministers would follow Mr Davis to the exit.

Mr Davis reportedly ‘decided he couldn’t sell out his own country‘, according to sources close to him. He was praised last night by Tory MPs including Jacob Rees-Mogg, who said he would oppose Mrs May’s Brexit proposals.

Boris Johnson: May’s decision to try to ‘align’ UK trading rules with the EU would reduce Britain to the humiliating status of a ‘vassal state’.

Jacob Rees-Mogg’s pro-Brexit European Research Group said experts believe the Chequers deal left the UK ‘on course for a “black hole” Brexit’ – meaning we would be sucked into the orbit of EU rules with no hope of escape.

Mr Johnson made clear in the run-up to Friday’s session that he was vehemently against any scheme which left us shackled to EU rules, leading to fears in Downing Street that he and other pro-Brexit Ministers could resign. …

According to a reliable source, he complained that anyone obliged to defend the proposals would be ‘polishing a turd’. He added sarcastically: ‘Luckily we have some expert turd polishers’ – shooting a glance at one of Mrs May’s spin doctors.

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific, Stephen Neil