Don’t let the long arm of China reach to our critical infrastructure

Don’t let the long arm of China reach to our critical infrastructure, by Peter Jennings.

Who thinks it would be a good idea to hand over our next mobile communications network to a company with intimate connections to the Chinese Communist Party and the People’s Liberation Army, and which is obliged under Chinese law to support Beijing’s intelligence-gathering activities?

Second question: who thinks it would be a smart idea to allow a Hong Kong company to dominate electricity and gas distribution in Victoria and South Australia, gas transmission and distribution in Queensland and the Northern Territory, and critical gas transmission assets in Western Australia and NSW?

It says nothing positive about Canberra’s approach to national security that these developments are regarded in some circles as serious possibilities to take over critical infrastructure essential to how we function. …

Canberra should move quickly to block Huawei’s access to 5G and CKI’s access to APA’s gas and electricity business. This is the necessary price of maintaining national security interests in the face of an increasingly predatory China looking to maximise its own strategic interests at the expense of all others.