Yiannopoulos denies inciting deadly newspaper shooting

Yiannopoulos denies inciting deadly newspaper shooting, by Remy Varga.

Professional provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos has denied he incited today’s deadly shooting at a newspaper office which claimed the lives of at least five people.

A white male suspect has been taken into custody after the shooting at the Capital Gazette office in Annapolis, Maryland.

It has emerged that the former senior editor for Breitbart News had this week told two journalists that he “can’t wait for the vigilante squads to start gunning journalists”. …

Yiannopoulos … said in his Facebook post the death squad texts were a joke.

“I sent a troll about ‘vigilante death squads’ as a *private* response to a few hostile journalists who were asking me for comment, basically as a way of saying, ‘F**k off’. They then published it. Amazed they were pretending to take my joke as a ‘threat’, I reposted these stories on Instagram to mock them — and to make it clear that I wasn’t being serious.”

He said it was likely the shooter was left-wing.

“I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this shooter — just like the last one at YouTube — is another demented left-winger. Let’s hope it’s another transgender shooter, too, so the casualties are minimal.

“The Left celebrated the shooting of Scalise and regularly incites violence against Trump supporters.”

UPDATE: It’s not just Milo, but also Trump who caused the shooting:

What about the NRA?

UPDATE: The shooter had it in for the newspaper on account of an article from 2012 he reckoned was defamatory. By Stefan Becket.

A Twitter account matching Ramos’ name with a location of Laurel, Maryland, includes years of tweets railing against Capital Gazette and includes details of a years long legal dispute with the company.

According to an unreported 2015 opinion filed in the Maryland Court of Special Appeals, Ramos pleaded guilty to criminal harassment in July 2011. Five days later, an article about the case appeared in The Capital, one of Capital Gazette’s publications. The story detailed accusations by a woman who said Ramos harassed her online and off for months, calling her employer and trying to get her fired. The woman eventually went to the police and Ramos pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of harassment in 2011.

The Twitter account that matches Ramos’ name began tweeting about Capital Gazette several months after the conviction.

In July 2012, Ramos filed suit against Capital Gazette for defamation, according to the 2015 court filing. The complaint was just four paragraphs long, but Ramos filed a longer 22-page claim several months later.

In 2012, a judge dismissed the lawsuit on the basis that “there is absolutely not one piece of evidence, or an assertion by you that the statement [in the article] was false.”

“I think people who are the subject of newspaper articles, whoever they may be, feel that there is a requirement that they be placed in the best light, or they have an opportunity to have the story reported to their satisfaction, or have the opportunity to have however much input they believe is appropriate,” Judge Maureen M. Lamasney said when dismissing the case. “But that’s simply not true. There is nothing in those complaints that prove that anything that was published about you is, in fact, false.”

Obsessed with a reporter he sued:

Notice that he hasn’t tweeted anything for two years, than suddenly, earlier today, one last tweet. Somehow this mass shooting is revenge against the judge (Charles Moylan) who ruled against him. It has nothing to do with Trump or politics.

This guy is just some crazy guy obsessed with this newspaper doing him wrong. The photo on his twitter feed is not Ramos, it’s the reporter that he sued.

The political circus will move on fast now. Nothing of interest to either side, just a bit of fake news from the left now retracted.