No space for Trump supporters in country’s biggest newspapers

No space for Trump supporters in country’s biggest newspapers, by Eddie Scarry.

Now that Charles Krauthammer is gone, that leaves the country with exactly no columnists of influence who don’t begin each day thinking, “What do I hate most about President Trump?”

It’s stunning, but not unbelievable, that not a single national newspaper has been able to find even just one writer who can put forth a robust argument on behalf of the people who voted for Trump (ie. half of the country).

New polls show Trump with an approval rating of about 90 percent among Republicans, an astonishing number. Even Saint Ronald Reagan didn’t enjoy that level of support at the same point of his first term.

Yet, there’s no one who can reflect that on the opinion pages of the New York Times, the Washington Post, USA Today or even, to a lesser extent, the Wall Street Journal?