Voters have had it with uncontrolled migration

Voters have had it with uncontrolled migration, by Alan Dupont.

Large-scale immigration, so long the hallmark of successful cosmopolitan societies in the developed West, threatens to fracture democracies in the old and new worlds. Across Europe and North America rising anti-immigration sentiment, driven by the number of asylum-seekers and undocumented labour migrants, is exacerbating divisions over identity, values and national security.

The outcome is likely to be a rejection of open borders and uncontrolled migration, and the repatriation of large numbers of ­illegal migrants. …

It’s all a reminder of what might be in store for Australia should Labor reverse its boat-turnback policy and commitment to maintain offshore processing. …

By 2015, the number of what the UN calls “forcibly displaced people” was 59.5 million — one in every 122 people was a refugee, internally displaced or seeking asylum. It now has reached 85 million, not including undocumented labour migrants, millions of whom are working illegally in host countries.

The most generous policy will accommodate just a fraction of them. Advocacy of open borders is a dangerous form of gesture politics that does nothing to address the underlying causes, effectively cedes sovereignty to people-smugglers, encourages destination shopping and guarantees a political backlash that undermines support for controlled migration. …

Yes, but think of those votes for the left:

Many of those advocating a more accommodating immigration policy ignore the heavy financial and social costs of dealing with mass inflows of asylum-seekers.

hat-tip Stephen Neil