Dear Judd And Kumail: You Have No Idea What A Nazi Really Was

Dear Judd And Kumail: You Have No Idea What A Nazi Really Was, by David Harsanyi.

In September 1941, the Germans took the city of Kiev. On Hitler’s command, the new military governor ordered the round-up of all Jews in the vicinity and marched them north of the city to a place called Babi Yar. There, Jews were stripped naked and taken into a ravine in groups of ten. Once at the bottom their fate became clear.

Among the cries of children (many already separated from their parents), they were made to lie down atop others who had already been murdered. German soldiers then walked across the bodies in the large pit and meticulously shot every man, woman, child and baby in the head or neck. Then the next group would be brought down and it would happen all over again and again over a period of two days — until almost 34,000 people were no more.

Babi Yar was only the third largest massacre of Jews during the war. But the killing of children — Jewish and otherwise — started in 1939, when German medical professionals were reporting any child with disability to the authorities, and parents started handing them over to special “schools” where thousands were eliminated using drugs and starvation. All of this before the wholesale industrialized killing of humans was in full swing.

Now, if you really believed Donald Trump or Kirstjen Nielsen or Sarah Huckabee Sanders are keen on engaging or endorsing this sort of behavior one day, or anything close to it, you’re a depraved coward for not taking up arms and stopping them. And the only other possible reasons for you to constantly compare them to Nazis are that you’re tragically illiterate on basic history or a hopelessly unimaginative and dishonest partisan — or maybe both.

The word “Nazi” is losing its meaning (or even flipping it), like “racist”, “right”, and “fascist” before it, as the left come to use it to smear anyone who isn’t in their political tribe — i.e. for anyone who isn’t sufficiently PC.

The Nazis were also socialists who took command of the economy when it suited them. Does that mean leftists are Nazis when they literally do the same things, telling companies how to behave and enforcing it with  the power of government? No, there’s more to it than that.