Beijing billions poured into aid for Asia-Pacific

Beijing billions poured into aid for Asia-Pacific, by Primrose Riordan.

Twenty-five Asia-Pacific countries including Australia received more than $US48 billion in diplomacy and aid funding from China from 2000 to 2016, US government-funded research has found.

The study, funded by the State Department, found the nations were more likely to vote with Beijing in international forums if they received aid or opaque infrastructure financing from China that benefited political elites.

“Throughout the three country studies, we have also seen that Beijing is successfully converting its public diplomacy tools into steadily growing influence, particularly with political elites and somewhat less so with the general public,” the authors concluded. …

The countries examined in the report include Australia, South Korea, Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, The Philippines, New Zealand, Singapore, and Pacific Island ­nations such as Fiji.

One way or another, they buy the local elites.

hat-tip Stephen Neil