Open-border propagandist steps up a notch

Open-border propagandist steps up a notch, by Jennifer Oriel.

Two polls that shocked the ­nation showed Australians dislike policy that puts foreign interests before the national interest. Almost half (49 per cent) of people responding to an Essential poll in 2016 wanted to ban Muslim immigration. Many respondents cited Muslims’ lack of integration into Australian society as their reason.

A majority of Australians wants less immigration overall, according to research published recently by the Australian Population Research Institute. Researchers found that 54 per cent of people surveyed wanted a reduction in the migrant intake. By contrast, 60 per cent of candidates at the 2016 federal election wanted to increase immigration. The figure rose to 67 per cent for Labor candidates.

Among the people most removed from public opinion are the opinion-makers; 72 per cent of arts and media ­professionals want to increase ­immigration.

As public opinion turns against the politically correct media, journalists are taking more extreme measures to enforce their world view. A disturbing trend is the use of children to turn public opinion against secure borders. …

It was an encore performance by journalists, who thrilled at the chance to vilify patriots. And it was fake news — again. …

Also fake — a victim of people-smugglers

The demise of the democratic world is empowered by an activist class that seeks to introduce ­porous-border policy without democratic consent. In reaction to popular revolt against rule from above, activists have sunk to a new low: using children for propaganda.

Open-border activists push children to the frontline of border wars, then feign shock when innocents die.

hat-tip Stephen Neil