If America Falls, the West Will Fall

If America Falls, the West Will Fall, by Jim Hoft.

“What is at stake now is so much bigger than just the US,” Kirk stated. “America is the lynchpin, and If America falls, then the West will fall,” he continued describing a domino effect with significant political, cultural and economic implications.

“If the West falls, with it will fall the importance of individual rights and the concept of sovereign nation-states, then billions of people worldwide will fall. It will make of the events of the 20th century driven by both communist and fascist forms of authoritarianism look like child’s play,” Kirk warned.

Owens elaborated on the theme stating, “If that happens, the US will begin to look more like everything that is happening in the UK right now. The British People have allowed themselves to believe that there is something inherently wrong with their own culture.”

Here at the Wentworth Report we take close note of trends in the US because they tend to spread across the West. If the US changes direction, the rest of the West will too.

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific