Jordan Peterson files $1.5 million suit against university for calling him a Nazi

Jordan Peterson files $1.5 million suit against university for calling him a Nazi, by Calvin Freiburger.

University of Toronto psychology professor and cultural commentator Jordan Peterson filed a $1.5 million suit this week against Wilfrid Laurier University, two Laurier professors, and the school’s former gender and equity manager for defamation, the National Post reports.

The suit stems from a meeting held to discipline former teaching assistant Lindsay Shepherd for playing a video clip of Peterson criticizing a law mandating recognition of gender-confused individuals’ preferred pronouns. Faculty members accused her of threatening her students and compared Peterson to Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler.

Shepherd had secretly recorded the audio of the meeting and subsequently released it, creating a media firestorm and forcing the university to issue public apologies, retrain certain personnel, update certain policies, and approve a new Statement on Freedom of Expression.

Nevertheless, Shepherd is suing the university as well, for $3.6 million because the incident has allegedly left her “unemployable in academia.” Commenting on her suit, Peterson teased Wednesday that the school “has much more to learn before all this is over,” apparently referring to his own lawsuit.

Peterson’s suit names the school, Professor Nathan Rambukkana, Professor Herbert Pimlott, and former gendered violence prevention and support acting manager Adria Joel, who is no longer with the university. It says they defamed him by describing him as racist, sexist, misogynistic, incompetent, and dangerous; alleging that he helped target trans students; and claiming he doesn’t have any credible professional research to his name.

This is possible? Seems to me like the PC judiciary are not going to give any anti-PC person an even chance, let alone an icon like Peterson.

hat-tip Stephen Neil