Malcolm Turnbull accuses ABC journalists of inaccuracy, bias

Malcolm Turnbull accuses ABC journalists of inaccuracy, bias, by Emily Ritchie.

Malcolm Turnbull has taken aim at ABC journalists, accusing them of inaccuracy, bias and has expressed his disappointment in the quality of the broadcaster’s reporting.

“There has been too many cases of simply inaccurate reporting,” the Prime Minister told Melbourne’s 3AW radio station this morning.

“I think often some presenters and programs are biased more to the left, but what I’ve found disappointing in recent times is the quality of the journalism, it is the lack of accuracy. The ABC has got an obligation under it’s act for news and current affairs to be accurate and impartial. Now obviously impartiality is in the eye of the beholder and people have different views, but accuracy is different. And I am concerned there have been too many cases of inaccurate reporting.”

The comments come six weeks after Turnbull’s office sent a letter to the ABC raising 11 grievances over a television story authored by journalist Emma Alberici about research and innovation spending. Communications Minister Mitch Fifield also lodged a complaint about the same report.