Immigration fears fuel crisis in Western politics

Immigration fears fuel crisis in Western politics, by Dave Clark for AFP in Yahoo, a PC source.

One issue now dominates political debate within the major Western democracies, and that one issue could now divide the West upon itself: migration.

Donald Trump is trying to ride a tide of anti-immigration feeling to a victory for his Republican supporters in the US mid-term elections in November.

Angela Merkel is hoping to rise above the waves with her shaky German coalition intact, without ceding too much ground to the hardline mood.

New coalition governments in Austria and Italy have brought hardline voices from the fringe of the migration debate into the halls of power.

Australia is battling criticism of its policy of detaining asylum seekers who arrive by sea offshore in camps on Nauru and Papua New Guinea. …

Austria’s Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, a favorite of Trump’s ambassador Grenell, has warned of “catastrophe” and is courting hardliners like Hungary’s Viktor Orban.

These are the leaders who feel the tide of history has turned in their favor.

The mainstream media is now conceding that immigration is the issue at the moment, right across the western world. It was forced onto the agenda in a democratic revolt by the western natives. The combination of establishment conservatives — who want cheap labor — and leftist political parties — who want more voters — had kept it off the agenda for a couple of decades while importing ever more third world immigrants. But that all changed with the 2016 US election and Merkel’s over-the-top moment of craziness to let in a million Muslim men from the Middle East.