US President sticking to immigration as mid-term winner

US President sticking to immigration as mid-term winner, by Zeke Miller.

Donald Trump sees his hard-line immigration stand as a winning issue heading into a mid-term congressional election he views as a referendum on his protectionist policies.

“You have to stand for something,” the US President declared yesterday as he defended his immigration policy amid mounting criticism over the forced separation of children from their parents at the US-Mexico border.

The chorus of condemnation includes Republicans who fear reports about bereft children taken from parents could damage the Republican Party’s chances in the November mid-terms. …

He meant it:

“It’s amazing how people are surprised that he’s keeping the promises he made on the campaign trail now,” said Trump political adviser Bill Stepien.

While the White House signalled Trump may be open to a narrow fix to deal with the problem, the President spent the day stressing the immigration policies he has championed throughout his surprise political career. He has resisted calls to reverse the separation policy, saying any change must come through congress. …

With few powerful opposing voices remaining in the West Wing, Trump is increasingly making these decisions alone. Some key advisers have left, and chief of staff John Kelly appears sidelined. …

The President has long complained about his treatment by the media, but his frustrations reached boiling point after he returned from his Singapore summit with North Korea’s Kim Jong-un to face news reports questioning his negotiating skills.

hat-tip Stephen Neil