The chasm between what liberals say and what liberals do is so vast that it must be the result of people knowingly lying

The chasm between what liberals say and what liberals do is so vast that it must be the result of people knowingly lying. By JA.


Liberals obsess over IQ in themselves, their mates, their children and their children’s peers — but say that IQ does not exist.

Liberals say they care about the environment while purchasing (if they can afford it) luxury family vacations.

Liberals say they care about diversity while moving through a series of ultra-white schools, internships, jobs and neighborhoods.

They SAY what they think their peers want them to say. They DO what they really think.

By fortaleza84.

Not necessarily. Evidently, people have evolved the ability to engage in truly phenomenal amounts of self-deception and hypocrisy. To believe in contradictory things and switch back and forth between beliefs depending on what is most convenient. And not even realize it.

I myself experienced a taste of this firsthand about 10 years ago when I became obese. What’s fascinating was that I had no idea I was so fat. You would think I would have noticed that my clothes stopped fitting; that when I walked down the street most other people outpaced me; that I looked fat in the mirror; that I was unable to outrun my children; and so on. And yet I was unaware of it. If you’d asked me to guess my weight, I would have guessed I weighed about 180 when in reality I weighed about 240. I could have easily passed a lie-detector test with a claim that I was not obese when in reality I was close to being morbidly obese.

If people can fool themselves about a concrete physical reality which can be verified in 60 seconds by stepping on a scale, it’s easy to see that they can fool themselves about abstract things like IQ.

By IS:

Many SWPLs [Stuff White People Like, i.e. liberals] are in fact hypocrites, who would never live in a neighborhood with a predominantly non-white demographic, while espousing egalitarian values that all people regardless of genetic makeup are no different from each other. They may believe that “low IQ” groups are able to achieve when given the opportunity, but one judges a character on their actions and not words.

By fortaleza84:

You need to define what it actually means to “really” believe in something. Consider the situation of a self-proclaimed psychic. Such people certainly seem to be sincere in their claims to have psychic powers. Now suppose that you propose a controlled test of the psychic’s ability with a substantial cash reward if the psychic passes the test. Almost always, the psychic will resist such a test and invent an excuse for why the proposed test would be invalid. If they “really” believe in themselves, why do they do that? Evidently, somewhere in their brain is an accurate map of reality to compliment the phony map which they use under normal circumstances.

So too with Leftists. In fact, I am currently in exchange with a Leftist on Sailer’s blog who denies that there is job discrimination in favor of women, especially young attractive women. He insists that actually discrimination is against such women and I proposed a simple experiment using job search profiles. Of course he invented every excuse under the sun to avoid doing the experiment.

This is what I mean when I say that deep down, Leftists really don’t believe in the nonsense they spew. When significant personal interests are at stake, and without even realizing it, they switch maps and make use of the correct beliefs that everyone knows to be true — that HBD [human bio-diversity, e.g. not all races are statistically identical] is real; that global warming is a hoax; that society discriminates in favor of women and against men; and so on. …

Generally speaking people adopt beliefs for social reasons primarily and secondarily to rationalize their self interests. Once those two concerns are satisfied, they may adopt beliefs based on critically and rationally evaluating the evidence. This [explains] the beliefs that people profess to in public. “Real” beliefs are a lot more rational.

The key point is that people can and do have contradictory beliefs in their brains. It’s like a crooked restaurant that keeps two sets of books. One set which has an accurate accounting of profits and another set which they show to the tax man. It’s just that most people are unaware that they have such a system in their brain.

When we analyze the recent political situation, we always down to the same question about the PC left: are they evil or are they stupid? Maybe we need to consider that they are deluded.