Actor Peter Fonda: ‘Rip Barron Trump From His Mother… Put Him in Cage With Pedophiles’

Actor Peter Fonda: ‘Rip Barron Trump From His Mother… Put Him in Cage With Pedophiles’. by John Nolte.

Fonda also called on a mob of 90 million to surround schools attended by the children of ICE agents in order to “scare the shit out of them and worry the fuck out of the agents” and to “make their children worry. …

As of yet, there is no indication Twitter has taken any action against Fonda, even though the left-wing actor has violated numerous Twitter policies with his call for mob violence against a child, his call for a mob to kidnap the President of the United States’ child and put him in a cage with the specific purpose of having this 12-year-old child gang-raped. …

A good faith search of Fonda’s Twitter account and prior statements reveal no record him protesting former President Barack Obama separating border children. In his defense, Fonda might not have known Obama was separating children from parents at the border because the establishment media covered this fact up for eight long years.

Another issue worth mentioning is that one of the reasons children are being separated from adults at the border, is to PROTECT them from the sex traffickers who use their underage prey as a golden ticket into America. The whole idea of Trump’s zero tolerance policy is to finally put an end to “catch and release,” a policy that incentivizes the exploitation of young children in the worst ways imaginable.

And on and on, worse stuff at the link.

Lefties in a rage of competitive virtue signaling, aided and abetted by the leftist media and social media companies.

hat-tip Stephen Neil