Why Is The World Getting Dumber?

Why Is The World Getting Dumber? By Jim Goad.

IQ tests over the past two decades show that people are getting dumber, and researchers are stupidly trying to blame this on everything except genetics.

I believe that the fundamental political/philosophical/cultural question—the one that cuts through all the nonsense and rushes straight for the jugular—is “Are people equal?”

It seems obvious to the point of slapstick comedy to me that people are most decidedly NOT equal. All of the evidence suggests that people are wildly unequal, not only within their specified groups, but especially between groups, a statistical fact that Lewontin’s fallacy tried and failed to obscure. …

What if we were to, I dunno, compare the average IQ scores of the nations with the five highest and five lowest birth rates in the world?

Here’s what I found. The country’s estimated mean IQ is in parentheses.

Five highest birth rates
Niger (84)
Angola (68)
Chad (68)
Somalia (68)
Burundi (69)

Five lowest birth rates
Italy (102)
Japan (105)
Greece (92)
Portugal (95)
Taiwan (104)

Are you seeing a pattern there? If not, are you blind?

Average IQ by Country

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