Celebs Melt Down over Border Enforcement: ‘Nazis,’ ‘F**king Kidnappers,’ ‘Torturing of Children’

Celebs Melt Down over Border Enforcement: ‘Nazis,’ ‘F**king Kidnappers,’ ‘Torturing of Children’. By Jerome Hudson.

Hollywood elites took to social media on Monday and fired one unhinged tweet after another, accusing President Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions of instituting U.S.-Mexico border enforcement tantamount to Nazi-like tactics of “torture” and “kidnapping.”

Competitive virtue signalling drives some people to say the stupidest things:

No doubt this particular brand of nonsense will land in Australia soon in some form.

And there is a strong hypocrisy-on-the-left angle:

The past week has seen establishment media members, Chelsea Clinton, former Obama officials, Bush family members (Jeb!), celebrities, and left-wing activists slam the Trump administration for it’s handling of the surge of illegal border crossers — particularly hammering Trump for implementing that same policy that Obama did, by separating minor illegals from adults and holding them in detention centers until they can be deported or returned to their family.

These parties didn’t slam the Obama administration in 2014 for enforcing the same policy at the U.S.-Mexico border.

The compassion is always selective.

hat-tip Stephen Neil