Trump Warns U.S. Could Follow Path of Germany on Immigration

Trump Warns U.S. Could Follow Path of Germany on Immigration, by John Bennett.

“Ask the Democrats this question: We can’t deport them, we can’t separate them, we can’t detain them, we can’t prosecute them. What they want is a radical open-border policy that lets everyone out into the interior of this country with virtually no documentation whatsoever,” [one of Trump’s deputy press secretaries, Hogan Gidley] said. “They could come to the table and fix this immediately. They’ve chosen not to do that.”

The president also tweeted that children “are being used by some of the worst criminals on earth as a means to enter our country,” and said crime in Central and South American countries is at historically high levels. “Not going to happen in the U.S,” he added.

Trump on Monday also implied such policies are necessary, and all indications are Republicans and Democrats intend to make immigration a part of their midterm campaign messages.

“We don’t want what is happening with immigration in Europe to happen with us!” the president wrote in one tweet.

The U.S. president appeared to stoke political tensions in Germany, saying German citizens are “turning against their leadership as migration is rocking the already tenuous Berlin coalition,” also saying there was a “Big mistake made all over Europe in allowing millions of people in who have so strongly and violently changed their culture!”