Identity politics hijacks tragic tale of woman’s death

Identity politics hijacks tragic tale of woman’s death, by Chris Kenny.

We dare not speak about the Islamist extremist motivation of some murderous crimes because of fears this will slur all Muslims. Yet when a man rapes and murders a woman we shame all men. …

The rape and murder of 22-year-old Eurydice Dixon in Melbourne last week shocked the nation. So it should. Spare me the day that such an atrocity would not spark community outrage and shared responses. But some have overlaid identity politics on an emotional response in an unhealthy way.

Why is “violence against women” so deplored by the PC brigade? About 80% of violence — murders, assaults, rapes  etc — is against men. Is violence against men not also deplorable, or are we merely expendable? It’s as if the feminists rule the PC mob, which rules our world currently. Enough.

Meanwhile our feminists, having exploited our chivalry and shouted their way to the top, have emasculated too many western men. Now they want to import Muslim men — who are often irredeemably and ostentatiously sexist followers of a death cult that treats women like chattels. Yet our PC mob, ruled by the feminists, love Islamic migrants and beat up on anyone who criticizes their imports. Very strange.