The Land That Global Warming Forgot

The Land That Global Warming Forgot, by David Archibald. The temperature across Australia, as measured by satellites:

Australia’s atmospheric temperature has been a paragon of stability. …

No Australian under the age of 40 has experienced global warming. Given the way the Sun is going, they are likely to miss out altogether.

If they missed out on global warming, perhaps they have experienced sea level rise? No luck there either. One of the longer sea level series is from Fort Denison in Sydney Harbour with records from May 1914:

There appears to be a slight rise but that is deceptive. The first record in May 1914 was a mean level of 1.111 metres. The last record, for February 2018, is 1.018 metres – 93 mm lower. There can be other interpretations of what it all means but there is no emergency.