No filter makes Trump a great communicator

No filter makes Trump a great communicator, by Chris Kenny.

“F..k Trump!” Robert De Niro ­finally got to write his own line; and its pithy, inane vehemence eloquently exposed the rage of the anti-Trump cohort. Grown men and women at New York’s Radio City Music Hall laughed and cheered. Trump derangement syndrome remains in full ­febrile flight across the dominant media/political class of all Western liberal democracies. …

Their vitriol can only help Trump, bringing his defiance of the media/political class into sharper focus, highlighting his achievements and ensuring his enemies are stuck in the mire of their disastrous 2016 campaign instead of thinking about how they might do better in 2020. This must be the longest dummy spit in political history.

What we got instead of the PC candidate:

Trump speaks to voters. Most politicians get stuck addressing the journalists who ask the questions, shaping answers to fit within the invisibly constrained, politically correct confines of what passes for acceptable, risk-averse dialogue within the media/political class. But this anti-politician speaks directly to his constituents. It is simple and effective. He understands the media only gets in the way of his conversation with voters.

Exactly. Anti-PC politicians are noticing, all over the West. Filtering a message through the media simply does not work. The standard operating procedure of a western journalist deciding what to pass on to the pubic is to ponder, “How does this help the left?”. Then they act accordingly.

hat-tip Stephen Neil