Michelle Guthrie fires up in anticipated defence of ABC

Michelle Guthrie fires up in anticipated defence of ABC, by Dana McCauley.

ABC managing director Michelle Guthrie will tomorrow seek to head off a potential staff revolt and strongly defend the national broadcaster from its political and commercial critics. …

Guthrie and her executives have been criticised for “staying ­silent” and failing to adequately defend the broadcaster during her two years in the top job.

ABC Melbourne radio host Jon Faine ­devoted 10 minutes of his program last Thursday to the broadcaster’s battle for survival, excoriating his bosses for allowing it to be “done over” while they stuck to ­behind-the-scenes advocacy.

“I’ve been here since 1989 busting my guts for a vision and a set of values and, quite frankly, I’m sick of getting it ripped apart because of the failure of our managers,” Faine said, calling on Guthrie and ABC chairman Justin Milne to do a better job of telling the ABC’s “story”.

Jon Faine is basically admitting campaigning for the PC narrative, using government resources, whilst getting paid by the taxpayer. Australia would be better off if this was brought to a stop.

Finally, the Liberals are working out that their main opponent in Australia is not the ALP, but the ABC. The ALP are their main political opponent, but the ABC is their main cultural opponent — and culture is upstream of politics. The ABC is the home and the well-spring of political correctness in Australia, the main promoter of the PC fantasies and most responsible for misinforming Australians.

The government immediately insisted it has “no plans” to do so but Labor seized upon the rank-and-file vote to strengthen its claim that the ABC is not safe under the Coalition. “If you love the ABC, you’d be wise not to trust Mr Turnbull,” Opposition Leader Bill Shorten said yesterday. “The Labor Party doesn’t want to privatise the ABC.

Of course the ALP don’t want to privatize the ABC — which is basically code for axing the News and Current Affairs coming out of Ultimo in inner Sydney. Without the tailwind of favorable media coverage, where would the ALP be? (Answer: a lot further right.)