Angela Merkel on brink in stand-off over asylum-seekers

Angela Merkel on brink in stand-off over asylum-seekers, by Andrew Byrne.

Germany is braced for a political earthquake tomorrow as a deep rift within its conservative alliance threatens to topple the government and bring an abrupt end to Angela Merkel’s 13 years as chancellor.

Both Merkel and her rebellious interior minister, Horst Seehofer, showed no sign of compromise yesterday in their stand-off over migration.

Seehofer has brought his Bavarian Christian Social Union (CSU) to the cusp of open revolt against Merkel’s “open doors” refugee policy, threatening to defy the chancellor by imposing border controls tomorrow.

He wants German border guards to send asylum seekers back into neighbouring countries. Merkel fears that would trigger other EU border closures. …

Markus Soder, the CSU’s top official in Bavaria, tweeted: “We must finally secure our borders effectively. This, of course, includes rejection. Asylum tourism must be terminated. Germany cannot wait endlessly for Europe, but must act independently.”

Over immigration? Who would have guessed.

Merkel smiles for dominant immigrant

The childless leaders of Europe are going to all be replaced, maybe sooner than expected.

hat-tip Stephen Neil