The Case for Gender-Segregated Universities

The Case for Gender-Segregated Universities, by Christopher DeGroot.

Camille Paglia and Christina Hoff Sommers have long argued that if women really want equality, then they must compete on equal terms with men. But the politically incorrect truth is that, on the whole, women academics have proved inadequate to the task. From hiring quotas to extra time for taking tests to arguments that women should be graded for “perceived effort,” the feminized academy continues to show that what many women want is not equality, but chivalry smuggled in under its name. …

Feminists are forever griping about “gender disparities.” And yet, these merely reflect Nature itself. IQ tests continue to demonstrate that, while the sexes have roughly equivalent intelligence on average, there is much greater variance among men. In plain words, this means that there are many more stupid men than stupid women, and many more brilliant ones, too — a difference we encounter up and down the class strata. …

Academia is a hypocritical world in which women can hardly do wrong. It is this biased perspective, so ubiquitous that few even perceive it, that allows universities all over the country to try to remake men in the image of women. … While this aims to produce a more balanced and indeed healthy conception of masculinity, the primary effect will be to make men tame and docile animals who submit to women as a matter of course.

Traditional masculinity subordinated feeling to truth. However it made them “feel,” men did what had to be done. Nor is it the case that “the patriarchy” got together and collectively decided to behave in that way. Rather, such wisdom evolved organically, in keeping with the very nature of this world, in which, as Schopenhauer put it, “evil gets the upper hand, and folly makes the most noise.”

The general message of academia’s matriarchy — which includes the spineless men who go along with and abet it — is: “Men, do whatever women want. Conform to their demands. They have long been oppressed, so you owe them compliance.” As applied to the sexual marketplace, nothing could be more foolish for men or more destructive. Nor is there any surer way for men to render themselves contemptible to women, who, like foreign nations, respect nothing so much as superior power.