Anne Marie Waters: Our Democracy is Dead and Left-Wing Fascism Has Replaced It

Our Democracy is Dead and Left-Wing Fascism Has Replaced It, by Anne Marie Waters. She is a candidate in a UK Parliamentary by-election, being held today, but leftist mobs whipped up by the media prevented her from talking or even moving about.

We live in a Britain where the press openly lies about political candidates, placing them and others in danger. We live in a Britain where all of this is egged on by Her Majesty’s Opposition, an increasingly threatening Labour Party.

For years now, I’ve been labeled a racist and a fascist by a treacherous domestic media. Their work is done, because I can no longer move around freely and safely, and I can no longer take part in a Parliamentary hustings, because crowds of extreme leftists threaten my life. Reports claim that attendees were refused entry, others were spat at, and some were even pushed to the ground outside a venue in Lewisham, south London, where the election takes place. Police advised me and my security team not to approach the venue, because 100s of so-called “anti-fascists” were waiting.

In the end, the only hustings event in this election, the only opportunity for voters to question candidates, was cancelled to protect public safety.

My crime is a simple one: I criticise Islam.

I truthfully point out that the abhorrent crimes routinely committed in its name come directly from its doctrines. I’ve told the painful truth that the jihadism, the apostasy-violence, the forced marriage, the honour violence, the FGM, and the genocidal Jew-hatred can all be found amidst the pages of Islamic scripture. Telling this observable and verifiable truth is more than enough to subject a person to the media’s Orwellian “two minutes hate”.

The left supports their narrative over reality. They are at war with truth. In their eyes, truth is bad. Besides, they are postmodernist … so they claim truth is subjective and therefore does not exist.

The “conservatives” are too acquiescent:

Labour and the British press have declared me a racist and a fascist and absolutely no evidence has been offered by either to back up this claim. So void of evidence are they that they refuse to debate me at all. The party of government, the so-called “Conservatives”, joins them in this boycott. …

Islam now utterly dominates and the press, the police, and the government have fallen in to line.

hat-tip Stephen Neil