British father with 26 children by 15 women has ‘received £500,000 in benefits’

British father with 26 children by 15 women has ‘received £500,000 in benefits’, by Metro News.

A jobless father who has had 26 children by 15 different women while receiving ‘more than £500,000 in benefits’ has criticised the government’s welfare cap. …

The 64-year-old is appearing in new Channel 5 series Benefits Britain: Life On The Dole, in which he claims his home in Newport, Isle of Wight, is not big enough and like a ‘prison cell’. …

‘It really is difficult to keep track when you’ve had 26 kids with so many different women,’ said Rolfe, who claims £800 a week in handouts.

‘I think the benefits system is at fault, not the parents. The government said: “we will pay for your child care so therefore you will stay at home”.’

He added: ‘You have women that like you and once they get you they try to change you. They become pregnant and things like that.

‘Some of them I believe got pregnant on purpose. It’s just so unfortunate so many women have fallen pregnant. Either I’m virile or they just fall pregnant quickly.’

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