They liken us to a mass murderer — so much for the age of reason

They liken us to a mass murderer — so much for the age of reason, by Chris Kenny.

The culture wars are so out of hand that in retaliation for supporting the Ramsay Centre for Western Civilisation a university professor will ascribe views to me and The Australian’s foreign editor Greg Sheridan that we have never espoused and liken us to Anders Breivik — the Norwegian far-right terrorist who slaughtered 77 people — and the ABC will publish it.

This is what passes for rational debate in our universities and the public broadcaster as they rail against any advocacy of traditional values and institutions, and any political opinion they perceive as being out of synch with green-left ideals. It is dire. …

The culture wars are mocked by so-called progressives as futile railing against modernity. The reality is these same people are fully engaged through political parties, academe and public broadcasters in a war aimed at undermining our cultural inheritance and pursuing some vague notion of green-left Utopia. The “culture wars” is any attempt by conservative, right-of-centre or dissenting leftist adversaries to halt their march.

hat-tip Stephen Neil