As Pakistani as roast beef and Yorkshire pud

As Pakistani as roast beef and Yorkshire pud, by Tobias Anderson.

What does it mean to be British? A recent video on citizenship and identity produced by ‘BBC Teach’ (an online teaching aid aimed at ‘early year infants’) argues that Britishness is founded on ‘tolerance’, ‘respect’, and ‘equality’ with no other defining national characteristic given.

The video, with its cartoon clips of blue-face painted Scottish nationalist Sue, or Jamal from Birmingham, glued to a giant TV screen showing Pakistan’s winning cricket team argues that all these kinds of activities are just as British as any other, and how could anyone claim otherwise?

Diversity, plurality and inclusivity are what makes us British – it is the absence of coherent national culture which allegedly constitutes our national culture. …

So Tony Blair and the PC globalists would have us believe. And you’re a deplorable if you say otherwise.

Of course the video does not seek to address the concerns of natives. Indeed in a post-modernist twist, it argues that there is no such thing as a native. Identities are just a product of various intersectional factors that are entirely relative to each individual’s experience. …

Big PC brother:

The video, with its deliberately simplified cartoon images, emotive music, jolly jokes, and reassuring homely northern-accented nanny-speak narration, is typical of the particularly sinister propaganda produced by modern multicultural states. If you watch the propaganda of an openly totalitarian state such as North Korea, you are at least aware that a particular ideological message is being rammed down your throat.

A deconstruction of the video, quite funny in parts:

hat-tip Stephen Neil