West goes south

West goes south, by James Allan. About the possibility of Ramsay money financing a course on Western Civilization at the Australian National University (why can’t that be on the public tab, like all the PC courses?):

The complaining academics to which [Vice Chancellor Brian Schmidt] succumbed were afraid they would not have autonomy when it came to appointments. But if the Ramsay Centre gave them full autonomy they would pick near on wall-to-wall lefties, and that would result in teaching students quite a different account of Western civilisation than the donor intended. …

What bugs me is that this nominally right-leaning Coalition government of ours has been in office now since 2013 and done nothing about this (or the ABC or anything else in the same vein). The same goes for the former Howard government. There is plenty that could be done as regards our universities without the need even to pass a Bill through our recalcitrant Senate. …

Put bluntly, this Coalition government has given up on the so-called culture wars. It has no fight in it at all. So we now hear a few laments from the Minister but nothing will be done.

Want to know why people on the right side of politics are pushed into voting for a Trump? Because at least the Donald has some fight in him. At least he deals in actions and not empty, meaningless talk. Compare that to this Turnbull government and lament the ANU’s capitulation and the lack of any real response from the government. It’s like the Bjørn Lomborg Centre all over again.

hat-tip Stephen Neil