Nostalgia and politics are a dangerous mix

Nostalgia and politics are a dangerous mix, by David Aaronovitch.

Nostalgia is the fastest growing force in politics, according to the think tank Demos, which has produced a new report on the phenomenon. It draws on extensive polling in Britain and focus groups in Britain, France and Germany. …

63 per cent of Britons think life was better when they were growing up. Only 21 per cent don’t. …

Across Britain, 71 per cent believe that the “sense of community” has eroded during their lifetimes, as opposed to 6 per cent who think it has improved. Those who think it has eroded account for 81 per cent in the north of England.

So opposing “progressive” policies because they wreck society is merely “nostalgia.” Our more rational and clever PC friends are above that silly and emotional nonsense, naturally.

Read the article for some serious PC spin, including gratuitous references to Nazis and Hitler near the top of the article to frame the statistics that follow (and quoted above). The deplorables are gently mocked and derided as ignorant and stupid, as per usual. We are just inundated with this sort of soft propaganda from the PC media.

hat-tip Stephen Neil