Is Jordan Peterson on a Suicide Mission?

Is Jordan Peterson on a Suicide Mission? By Grayson Quay.

Jordan Peterson, the Canadian psychology professor-turned-culture warrior, is a man prepared for his own crucifixion. …

When asked during an interview on Britain’s Channel 4 what was next for him, Peterson replied, “I don’t know what’s next really…. The overwhelming likelihood…is that this will go terribly wrong…. I’m surfing a hundred-foot wave and generally what happens if you do that is you drown.”

During a debate with a transgendered professor, Peterson flatly stated that he expects to be hauled in front of the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal for his refusal to comply with legislation that mandates the use of alternative pronouns. “If they fine me, I won’t pay it,” he said. “If they put me in jail, I’ll go on a hunger strike. I’m not doing this. And that’s that.”

Taken together, these statements show Peterson’s profound awareness that he will almost certainly be destroyed, directly or indirectly, by the leftist, postmodernist forces he defies. It’s difficult to defeat an inherently collectivist ideology when your own creed is one of individualism. …

The PC collective is reaching for absolute power:

If nothing else, Peterson has done us a service by showing us how truly dystopian our society has become. Fifteen short years ago, Barack Obama believed that marriage was between one man and one woman. Now such a statement reeks of unforgivable bigotry.

The Overton Window is narrowing at a rate that can only be a bid for ultimate power, the authority to reprogram reality at will. In one debate, Peterson made a reference to “preferred pronouns,” only to have his opponent insist that they are not “preferred pronouns” but “correct pronouns.” In other words “ze,” “zir,” and all the rest, none of which anyone had heard of five years ago, are to be treated as objective truths.

In a few brisk strokes, these ideologies have reduced the whole of Western history, from the Nicene Creed to the U.S. Constitution to the transphobic society of five years ago, to one unbroken saga of oppression. Only the present and the future exist. The past, even the recent past, is a hell beyond imagining and anyone who disagrees is defending privilege, not patrimony. It used to take generations to vilify our ancestors; now it can be done in a few short years. …

Is a civilizational apocalypse nearly upon us?

This stranglehold on reality itself is reminiscent of George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four, the most terrifying aspect of which is its inescapability. Orwell offers us no glimmer of hope, no possible means by which the harm the Party’s rule has inflicted on human society can ever be undone.

Peterson seems to think we are fast approaching this point, and he’s far from the only one who senses it. What liberals denounce as racism, sexism, homophobia, and transphobia in Trump supporters may be, on some deeper level, a manifestation of that same fear.

Trying to be respectable wasn’t working, so they adopted the ultimate scorched earth tactic. Trump does not represent “morning in America,” but a tacit admission night is fast descending.

The progressive playbook is to make every possible accusation and smear and see which ones gain traction in their echo chamber or in wider circles. Truth is so outdated you know — all the trendy PC people are postmodern.