The Islamization of England & The Arrest of Tommy Robinson

The Islamization of England & The Arrest of Tommy Robinson, by Desmond Berg.

The threat to Britons who speak out about Islamization comes not just from Muslims, but also from the authorities who have, in effect, bowed to Islam. The police haven’t been enthusiastic about bringing Muslim rape gangs to justice, but when someone like Robinson calls attention to the evil deeds, they suddenly feel the call of duty — not to go after the rapists, but to go after Robinson. It’s the same with the judges — not only in England, but all over Europe. They’re in the habit of administering feather-light sentences for unspeakable crimes by Muslims, but they throw the book at “Islamophobes” who call attention to the unspeakable crimes.

The arrest and kangaroo court trial of Robinson seems to have been planned well in advance. The police were ready, the judge was ready, and the van to deliver him to Hull Prison was ready. Robinson was also denied access to his lawyer, and denied bail. Meanwhile, the judge issued a gag order prohibiting British media from reporting on the case. In short, the Kafkaesque proceedings were a throwback to the kind of justice administered in the infamous Star Chamber courts.

How embarrassing this must all be for the PC class that their star mascots, the Muslims, turns out to be so badly behaved. Who would have guessed? Best not to say anything, right? Maybe they’ll become just like us, any moment now …

hat-tip Stephen Neil