Political correctness is exceptionally unpopular

Political correctness is exceptionally unpopular, by Matt Singh.

We asked the public how they felt about political correctness, among other topics, on a five-point scale ranging between “Not gone nearly far enough” and “Gone much too far”.

Sixty-six per cent think political correctness has gone either much too far (42 per cent) or a little too far (25 per cent). Nine per cent think that it has not gone far enough, with 17 per cent answering “about right”.

“Too far” has a majority in every political, geographic and demographic group apart from under-25s. But even among the youth, there is little evidence of “generation snowflake”, with “too far” 20 points ahead of “not far enough” (37-17). …

PC is cultural Marxism — economic Marxism is already a proven failure

Across the Atlantic, the 2016 American National Election Study found 58 per cent thinking that people were too easily offended. Americans generally give answers less hostile to political correctness than Brits do, although it could be argued the United States is less PC than the UK and that the explanation lies there.

PC is not about avoiding offense. That’s just an occasional cover story.

PC is a set of leftist ideas, “the PC narrative,” preferred by the globalist elite running western countries at the moment. It is nearly monolithic in the opinion forming organs of western society — the media, academia, and the bureaucracy. But most of the native population disagrees — how deplorable!

PC is obviously in conflict with reality on many issues. It is politically correct to profess to believe the PC version — but it is correct to believe in reality. The dissonance between PC and realism is growing, ranging anywhere from annoying to fatal.

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