Box Office: ‘Solo’ Is Officially a Disaster as Media Cover Up — Why?

Box Office: ‘Solo’ Is Officially a Disaster as Media Cover Up — Why? By John Nolte.

After grossing a measly (we are talking about a Star Wars movie here) $82 million in its debut weekend, Solo bottomed out in week two with just $28 million. … In its second weekend, The Force Awakens was grossing $50 million A DAY. The Last Jedi grossed $70 million. Rogue One grossed $55 million.

In worse news, Solo is by far the most expensive Star Wars movie produced yet, with a reported price tag of $250 million. Add another $150 million for publicity, and we are talking about a $900 million worldwide breakeven point. … Solo is going to lose a fortune. …

The entertainment media refuse to say why:

How desperate are the entertainment media to cover up the fact that Kathleen Kennedy’s obnoxious, story-killing, left-wing politics are killing Star Wars? Over at the far-left Washington Post, Steven Zeitchik, who is actually paid money to analyze the box office, blamed it on — try not to laugh — a late spring release date, the fact Solo is a spin-off, yes, Star Wars fatigue.

Avoid spin-offs? You mean like Marvel? Marvel has more spin-offs than Law & Order and can’t stop breaking box office records. …

As far as I know, and I have given it a good faith perusal, no one, not a single member of the establishment media — even as commenters fill their sites with complaints about how the infusion of Kennedy’s obnoxious politics have ruined the franchise for countless fans — has shown the moral courage to even raise the idea that this might, maybe, could conceivably, possibly, be, perhaps, part of the perchance problem.