The Martyrdom of Tommy Robinson

The Martyrdom of Tommy Robinson, by James Delingpole.

Is Tommy Robinson a headstrong fool who thoroughly deserves the 13-month prison sentence handed him by a judge in slightly confused and murky circumstances last week?

Or is he the bravest man in Britain, the voice of the people, who has been martyred for the ‘crime’ of saying something the cowardly Establishment still considers to be unsayable about the dangers posed by Islam?

A bit of both, I’d say.

As many of you will know, I’m an admirer of Tommy’s. We bonded over the two podcasts we recorded together here and here. In the flesh, he’s very different from the “far right” thug you see portrayed in the mainstream media. He’s easy, friendly, intelligent company; he’s apparently devoid of racist sentiment; and he’s better informed on the Qu’ran and the Hadith than some Muslims, and probably as well informed on Muslim extremism as the police and the intelligence services.

Also, of course, he’s very, very brave. Though a devoted family man who’d love to see his kids grow up, he has long since reconciled himself to the fact that this may not happen. As Britain’s number one critic of Islam, he knows he’s a target. His response to this has been the same as that of the Spartan King Leonidas when threatened by the Persians before Thermopylae: molon labe.

Robinson was jailed legally — there is nothing dodgy about it, and he was warned he would be jailed if he did it again. But the issue is important.

We’re not talking dodgy paperwork here. (That, remember, was how the Establishment got Tommy Robinson first time round: “mortgage fraud”). We’re talking the systematic rape of thousands upon thousands of mostly underage white and Sikh girls, in towns and cities across Britain, by gangs of mostly Muslim men. Many of the victims were tortured; some were even killed; all suffered trauma, misery, and scarred lives.

And it happened on a time scale so extensive (over at least the last 20 years), on a geographical spread so vast (see tweet below) and was perpetrated so flagrantly by so many offenders against so many victims, that it’s quite impossible to dismiss it as a freak event which no one could reasonably have prevented or known about. …

Steven Yaxley-Lennon didn’t become crusading citizen activist Tommy Robinson for the shits and giggles. He did it because, for a long time, nobody in the media, or the rest of the Establishment, was taking a stand against this outrage being perpetrated mostly against his people: the white working class. …

Whatever crime Robinson may have committed on paper, everyone with eyes to see knows that the real crimes for which he is being punished are these: being white working class; speaking home truths about the problems posed to social cohesion in Britain by Islam when the Establishment’s position remains that this is impolite and that we should all bury our heads in the sand and pretend that those problems don’t exist.

Our current ruling class is about the dumbest in the history of the planet. Tomny Robinson’s real crime is to insist on drawing attention to the stupidest mistake ever by the British branch of the western ruling class.

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific