Mid-East countries give ANU funding

Mid-East countries give ANU funding, by Rebecca Urban.

The Australian National University has accepted up to $2 million each from the governments of Dubai, Iran and Turkey, raising questions about the university’s withdrawal from plans to establish a course in Western civilisation with the Ramsay Centre, citing academic autonomy.

The ANU Centre for Arab and Islamic Studies, which has operated since 1994, counts on its ­advisory board Mirza Al-Sayegh, an adviser to the deputy ruler of Dubai, and former United Arab Emirates government minister Khalifa Bakhit Al-Falasi, also a former ambassador to Australia. …

ANU vice-chancellor Brian Schmidt said “the sponsored program” sought by the Ramsay Centre was “not compatible” with the university’s “autonomy”.

Well well well. Islam yes, western civilization no.

PC rules at the ANU. Well what would you expect, at a government university in Canberra?

hat-tip Stephen Neil